Custom 6th Gen Headlights on my 5th Gen Camaro

Can I say I am one of the first 5th Gen Camaro with 6th Gen Style headlights? Can I just brag for 2 seconds? Ok, so now you’re asking me how the hell do you get your hands on these gorgeous babies for you Camaro. Well…


Before we jump into ANYTHING. There is 3 important things to know. 

1, These are CUSTOM, and involve several parts. Not just one magic housing piece that can mount right up. No. No, no. This was an 8 Hour Install. It’s NOT easy / DIY. 

2, This was NOT cheap. Custom work, multiple products, ect. Because this build was built for MY car personally, this set up ran me close to $2,000 with install - doesn't mean that's your cost, but expect high-quality, custom work with warranties to be on the pricey end. 

3, I am not an electrical person, per the reason why I paid the El Stig Garage team to do this for me. So please, don't ask technical questions! I will simply refer you to contact El Stig!


El Stig Garage

Located in Chino, CA



Bi-LED Projectors
Projector Shrouds
HD Relay Harness w/ Capacitor Link
OEM Gloss Black Painted Housing
Diode Dynamics Switchback Bulbs (not in video) 
Switchback Sequential LED Flex Kit
OE Replacement Halogen Light Assembly 


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