Bagheera's New Wheel Setup for 2018!


I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting and they're finally here! It's like Christmas in February! I decided to go with Vertini RF 1.3 at 19 inches for my new wheel setup, with a custom color finish. I also upgraded my wheels from 245/55/18 to 275/35/19, and man the drive is 100% different. Check out the video for my color reveal AND me just freaking out the entire time :-) 

-- Marly



Firehawk Indy 500 275/35/19


Vertini RF 1.3 in Polished Liquid Bronze/Black


Huge shout to PK Auto Design for helping me and being patient with me through this entire process. Another big shoutout to Vertini Wheels for walking me through their process and creating a so-far excellent product. Can't wait to show these puppies off at the shows!