How to Get Sponsored - Advice from Vossen, HRE and more...

Have you ever wondered how to get your vehicle sponsored? Take it from someone who has been on the other side of the deal, it's a lot more than just having followers! I personally contacted several companies in the automotive industry to get their thoughts on "sponsorships" and how one might achieve one.


Massive thank you to Mike, the Marketing and Brand Director of Vossen Wheels for the amazing interview. Check him out on IG @mike_forsythe

Also, huge thank you to HRE - for explaining your process and some thoughts on Sponsorship. They're an equally amazing wheel brand, and I highly encourage anyone to check out their website. To the other brands who were asked not to be named, I thank you for your input and thoughts!




DISCLAIMER: This is not the thoughts or beliefs of EVERY company. Each company is unique, however, this was a general consensus among a few brands that I spoke to.


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Danny R.Sponsor, How-To