Racewars SoCal 2018 | Fun & Cinematic Videos

The "Fun" Version...


Race Wars Season Opener in SoCal was awesome! Tons of great vendors, lots of racing, good food, and most importantly...amazing cars. We took it upon ourselves to go a little bit deeper from the average "Best Car of (insert category here)" and went to find 5 very special cars...why? Because this is way more entertaining.


1. Car Most Likely To Go On A Date With: @1:19
2. Most Likely To Be A Garage Queen: @1:07
3. Car That Knoes Da Wae: @1:49
4. Car Most Likely to be Driven by XZibit: @2:19
5. Car Most Likely to Steal Your Mans: @2:53

Congratulations to all our Alternative Winners! If you would like a Digital Trophy of your accomplishments for your car, please email us at holla@theenginebaes.com - We got you.


...And our Cinematic Version!


A recap of some the awesome builds featured at the 2018 Racewars LA Season Opener. If you haven't been to one before, it's definitely worth checking out!