CA Exhaust Law Tested w/ Shelby GT350 and More

Today, we're putting our vehicles up to the California Test! According to the Exhaust Laws in CA, our vehicles must not exceed a 95 dB limit. But, being car enthusiasts...of course, most of our vehicle's exhausts are modified! Check out how an Abarth, GT350, Camaro, and EcoBoost hold up against this law! DISCLAIMER This, by no means, is an official test. This is OUR understanding of how a State Ref will perform the test. We are aware they may have some vehicles rev up to 3/4s the maximum RPM - however, they will rev up to at least 2500 RPM minimum. For more information please check the description below for resources as well as a brief explanation of modifications on the vehicles we’re testing. INFORMATION ON THE STATE REF CA EXHAUST LAW TEST (this is the info we used)