RaceWars SoCal 2018 - Fun Version

Race Wars Season Opener in SoCal was awesome! Tons of great vendors, lots of racing, good food, and most importantly...amazing cars. We took it upon ourselves to go a little bit deeper from the average "Best Car of (insert category here)" and went to find 5 very special cars...why? Because this is way more entertaining. THE ENGINE BAES ALTERNATIVE WINNERS CATERGORIES 1. Car Most Likely To Go On A Date With: 1:19 2. Most Likely To Be A Garage Queen: 1:07 3. Car That Knoes Da Wae: 1:49 4. Car Most Likely to be Driven by XZibit: 2:19 5. Car Most Likely to Steal Your Mans: 2:53 Congratulations to all our Alternative Winners! If you would like a Digital Trophy of your accomplishments for your car, please email us at holla@theenginebaes.com - We got you. Check out the Cinematic version of the video here - https://youtu.be/IugrdSTw9Lo

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